The Source at Factory No. 2


here is a start to our endless list of ideas:

Breakfast arrary of Spragues Maple Farms pancake mix(es), mpale syrup, shelf stable bacon, locally roasted coffee,hot cocoa, tea... these items plus others can be tucked into a basket or sered on a griddle. price rng @30 to $300

         Breakfast Duo. A pancake mix with a maple leaf of maple syrup.  $12 

         Breakfast Quick Start. Locally made pottery or easonal mug filled with coffee, tea, and/or cocoa.  A cookie, shortbread or bisoccti tucked         into the mug. $10 to $40

Pamper Yourself. A collection of Laura's Luxuries Bath and Body Products amd Candles topped witha littel chocolate because no one can really pamper themselves without chocolate.  Other additions can include a set of note cards, a bttle of sparkling grape juice, hand painted wine glass, etc...   price range $25 to$100

         Bath Tea Duo.A tube of bath tea paired with a tea infuser (choose between Pamper Yourself, Muscle Rescue and/or Sinus Relief)... price range $15 -30

     Soap Trio.Three 4 5 oz bars of glycerin soap tied together making a perfect gift for anyone. Choose from Floral Fantacy, Fruity Favorites, Down to Earth         or Local Array  $12

Finger Lakes Favorites.Selected from the local culinary artists we arrange an array of local prodcuts such as Bisco'r Salsa, Chef Lerman, dressing and dips, Arbor Hill Jams and Jellies, Nunda Mustards, our very won hand made chocolates and so much more...  price range $30-500

Beverage Variety. A favorite amond all.. a selection of coffees, tea, hot cocoa, and chai scatterred in a basket which can be enhanced with seasoal mugs, hand made pottery mugs, coffee maker, cookies, biscotti, shortbread, etc...  price range $30-300

A Spot of Tea. A whimsical or palin tea pot of mug with a varitey of teas, shortbread, honey, honey dipper..  price range form $25-100

Coffee Break. A mug or basket filled with a variety of coffee and biscotti or cookies. Other enhancements can include a hand made potery mug, coffee pot, hand made chococlate etc... price range $25- 100

 THE ANGEL for the newborn.  An arrary of baby products from picture frames, banks, bath supplies, rattls, stuffed animal, etc.  For the new Mom and Dad you can choose to have a quick meal, hand painted wine glass with baby feet, a little hand made chococlate.  And don't forget ay older siblings.  we can add something for them as well.

Chocolate Lover's Delightwhat is thee to say except chocolate, chocolae and more chocolate. Chocolate chia, Chocolate themed notepads, chocolate tea, ... price range $30-300

One quick and simple phone call and we will send a lasting memory to one lucky recipient. The most difficult part of ordering a gift basket is what message to have us put on the card... so be thinking.                              607.936.1663

Our Chief Basketier and Owner.  Cynthia has been basketizing since 1996.  She has basketized for The First Lady, Will Ferrell and Ellen Degenerous.  She Would love to add you to her list.

We basketize anything, for anyone, at any time,  for any reason...

                                      even if you don't have a reason !