The Source at Factory No. 2

Burritos $9 

includes chips & salsa

cheddar, black beans, corn, cilantro,

salsa, sour cream, tomato

Choose: Veggie, Chicken, Beef

Brunch Menu 

Grain Bowls


All bowls are gluten free

Quinoa Veggie: warm quinoa, peppers, onion, zucchini, shredded veggie blend, garlic dressing
            add chicken $2.00  add tofu $1.50
            add beef $2.00 add salmon $4.00

Rice Teryaki: sticky jasmine rice, shredded veggie blend, homemade teryaki sauce

​            add chicken $2.00  add tofu $1.50
            add beef $2.00 add salmon $4.00

Curry Rice Noodle: rice noodles, shredded veggie blend, zucchini, onion, peppers, homemade curry

            add chicken $2.00  add tofu $1.50
            add beef $2.00 add salmon $4.00

Wild Rice Medley: wild rice, pineapple, fennel, onions, snowpeas

            add chicken $2.00  add tofu $1.50
            add beef $2.00 add salmon $4.00

Black Bean Quinoa: spring mix, black bean quinoa burger, tomato, onion, avocado, beets, spicy mustard

add cheese 50 cents

sub spicy mayo for mustard



(breakfast menu served on sundays only!)

Smoothie Bowl $8.00

blueberry, strawberry, chocolate almond milk, peanut butter, topped with spinach, oats, chia seeds, flax seeds, banana, avocado

Yogurt & Granola $6.50

Ithaca Milk yogurt, granola, honey, fresh fruit, dates, chia seeds, flax seeds

Chia Pudding $6.50

homemade chia pudding, fresh fruit, dates, coconut

Avocado Bagel $6.50

cream cheese spread with avocado & dill

Create your own Salad

choose: plated or chopped

Base: choose up to 2 

iceberg        spring mix       romaine

spinach        kale

Toppings: Choose 4 

tomato             apple                     blue chips

onion                black beans           cucumber

peppers            corn                      carrot

avocado            craisens               beets

olives                 hummus              artichoke

chicpeas            fresh fruit             pomegranate

Cheese: choose 1

cheddar             goat               brie

pepperjack        feta                 blue

Seeds/Nuts: choose 2

walnuts                chia                pumpkin

almonds               flax                 pecans

Dressing: choose 1

spicy ranch           olive oil & vinegar        roasted garlic

caesar                   horseradish french     cucumber wasabi

cuke-a-dilly           raspberry celery          grape pumpkin

balsamic               xtra dressing 35c

Protein: Choose 1

chicken                  beef              hardboiled eggs

chicken salad        turkey            salmon add $2

Butternut Squash: spinach, kale, romaine, butternut squash, pecans, pomegranate, goat cheese, grape pumpkin dressing

Harvest Apple: spinach, apples, craisens, feta, avocado, bacon, pumpkin seeds, balsamic vinegar

Winter Cobb: romaine, bacon, chicken, egg, pumpkin seeds, apple, blue cheese, avocado, pecans, artichoke, raspberry celery seed dressing

Breakfast Burrito $8.50

eggs,cheese, hashbrowns, salsa, sourcream

your choice: Turkey, Bacon, Veggie

Bagel Sandwich $8.50

bagel, egg, cheese, sauce

your choice: Ham, Turkey, Bacon, Avocado

Scambled Eggs & Toast $5.50

scrambled eggs & cheese with wheat toast 

Egg Wrap $7.00

scrambled eggs, cheese, tomato, spinach, avocado


$6.25 small  $10 regular

we use local organic field greens in the summer months


BBQ Chicken: chicken, bbq, spicy ranch, spring mix, black beans, corn, tomato, blue chips, cheese

Chica Beet Beet: fresh beets, spring mix, feta cheese, grape pumpkin dressing, topped with chicken salad

Kale Chicken Caesar: kale, romaine, chicken, parm cheese, blue chips, caesar dressing

Tofu Quinoa: spring mix, tofu, quinoa, peppers, onions, tomato, cucumber, carrots, garlic dressing

Spiced Chai French Toast $8.50

its me

Waffle $8.50

Your Choice:

Strawberry- topped with homemade strawberry sauce, fresh strawberries, and whipped topping

Nutella- topped with bananas and strawberries and hazelnut spread

Banana Nut- topped with bananas, walnuts, caramel sauce and whipped topping

Between the Bread

$6.95 just the sandwich (see sides to add)

choose: wheat bread, spinach wrap

romaine boat, or gluten free bread (+$1)

BBQ Chicken Wrap: chicken, spring mix, corn, black beans, cheese, tomato, blue chips, spicy ranch, BBQ sauce

Chicken Salad Sandwich: chicken, craisens, grapes, spring mix, mayo

Veggie & Hummus Wrap: hummus, peppers, onion, tomato, avocado, carrots, cucumber

Cranberry Turkey Sandwich: cranberry sauce, walnuts, spring mix, brie, turkey

Turkey Bacon Cheddar: bacon, turkey, cheddar cheese, spicy ranch

Strawberry Turkey Brie: fresh strawberries, turkey, basil, brie

Chipotle Turkey: turkey, spicy mayo, hot sauce, tomato, spring mix, pepperjack


$2 with sandwich   $3.95 a la carte

                 broccoli salad        tabouli

                 fresh fruit               mac salad

           beets w/ feta          veggie & hummus

                 kale chips              apples & caramel

                 guacamole & chips $1 upcharge

We use fresh, local, organic products whenever possible.  If we are unable to obtain these products then we purchase the best quality available to us that day.

Group lunch orders of any size always welcome!  

Please call for more information